No more Vagina Dentata – bye!

11430273_800415003399884_767482322_nDear friends,

Vagina dentata has been an amazing adventure for all of us. Sadly we have decided to go our own ways for personal reasons. We hope that the message of our music stays clear even if we do not represent it anywmore as a band. If music is your passion make sure you can pursue that dream. Empower other people to express themselves. Keep each other safe!

After 5 years of spitting out feminist punk songs, playing concerts in Germany, France and Belgium and recording our CD “No More Nice Girls”, it’s time for a visit to the dentist… It’s been fun, it’s been loud, we’ll miss it, and we’ll miss you. We learned so much from each other, playing and writing music together, having fun, traveling… We wish to thank all the bands we shared the stage with, the organisers of our concerts, the distributors of our CDs and you for supporting us in the crowd!

But no worries, we’re not done with music! Wendy and Lie are still jamming, Cristina still attacks the microphone with Matrak Attakk and Nina plans a home recorded Lost Luna CD as well as DJing at Ladyfest Brussels – and who knows what else might grow out of our wombs! Don’t throw away those ear plugs just yet… 🙂

CDs and T-shirts are still available. Contact us personally or leave a comment here – we might not check that often anymore. Our bandcamp page will stay online.

See you around!

Vagina Dentata


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