We are Vagina Dentata – Crustina, Lie, Nina and Wendy (and occassional guest musicians/singers :-)). We play a mix of crust, punk, metal, hardcore, riot grrrl and grunge with feminist lyrics and attitude. We’re from Ghent / Leuven in Belgium.

Vagina Dentata was born in 2011 and grew her first teeth at a very early age. Ready to bite and take the stage, she’s crawled out of her basement rehearsal space to present you some ear-deafening screams. Run while you still can!

Vagina Dentata – Crustina on vocals, Wendy on guitar and vocals and Nina on guitar – are based in Ghent and Leuven (Belgium). Together they create a mix of crust, metal and punk with grunge, hardrock and riotgrrrl influences. Feminist fury is spit out in the lyrics and performances. Macho scum won’t escape their twisted siren sounds! Vagina Dentata sing about revolution, sexual violence, menstruation terror and more, in songs named “I decide”, “No More Nice Girls”, “Saudade” and “Disillusion”. They’ve written a song in support of Russia’s imprisoned riot grrrls Pussy Riot and reinvented the classic anarchist revolution anthem “A Las Barricadas”. In Vagina Dentata’s music, the personal and the political go hand in hand and activism and art merge.

Past members: Sara, Wendy F


3 Responses to BIO

  1. paul lewis says:

    We need more women like you, speaking to bumbling upsidedown men in power, good luck in life and thank-you for trying to make a difference! Sincerely, Paul lewis michigan U.S.A.

  2. rebelsister says:

    thank you for your encouragement, Paul!

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